Waiting at the bridge...

U-CD Ch. Tuxedo CDX, TT, CGC


Sometimes I see you standing there.
Sometimes I feel an angel's touch.
Sometimes I feel that I'm so lucky to have had a chance to love this much.
God gave me a moment's grace,
'cause if I'd never seen your face,
I probably wouldn't be this way...

Here's Tuxedo doing what he did best - winning another
Best Junior award with me at the other end of the leash.
NYC's Twin Towers are in the background.


Ready to heel? Here we are competing in obedience.

Competing at Westminster Kennel Club's Dog Show

Tuxedo and Me on my Wedding Day, 2001

Tuxedo is a very special dog. I bought him in a pet store in August 1986. We began basic obedience classes when he was about a year old and that's how I was introduced to the world of dog training and shows. Soon, Tux was winning obedience classes at the matches and we began competing in Junior Showmanship as well. We also began to enter conformation classes and Tux won wherever he went! After quite a few Match group 1's and Best Juniors we entered AKC dog shows. The rest is history. Tuxedo didn't have a fancy pedigree or an experienced trainer behind him and that's what makes his wins so much more special to me. Below are some of Tuxedo's accomplishments:


Multi-BOB winning AKC Champion

AKC CD and CDX obedience titles. Both titles finished with placements.

AKC's Canine Good Citizenship

UKC CD obedience title

1991 #1 Junior Showmanship Schipperke, #2 Non-Sporting, and Top Twenty All Breeds in the US with 18 first placements and multiple Best Junior awards

Qualified for Westminster Kennel Club's Junior Showmanship classes 1990 and 1991

1991 #1 Junior Showmanship (based on 1st place wins of all breeds) in the Northeastern US

Tuxedo appeared on the covers of Schipperkes (TFH 1991) and Schipperke Calendars (1997 & 2006)
He also appears in Schipperkes (TFH 1997) and Choosing A Dog For Life (TFH 1996).


Tuxedo is a very lucky dog. We do not recommend buying a dog from a pet store. Seek out a reputable breeder who'll stand behind their puppies' health and temperment.

Rescue Schipperkes are also available for adoption! They may be younger or older and are all great dogs who need a home to call their own. Please contact The Schipperke Club of America for more information.


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