BISS Ch. Brackenhill Flew By Ewe PT, CD, NA, NAJ
BCSA Register Of Merit Excellence Dam
Qualified for Crufts Dog Show 2004 and 2009

OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, CERF
Optigen CEA DNA Carrier, CL DNA Normal,

Am/Aust. Ch. Trumagik Tartan Scott x Ch. Brackenhill Wish A Lot, HS

The Little Border Collie in the Big City!
Devon is truly a Border Collie that can do it all. In the breed ring,
she is a group and Best in Specialty Show winning girl who can stand up to the boys.

Devon completed her breed Championship in just seven shows, undefeated in the bitch classes
and just two days before her 8 month birthday. Along the way, she picked up a BOB from the puppy classes
over a special and a Puppy Group 1.
Movement is Devon's hallmark. She has a correct ground covering gait with
minimum lift of feet, is super clean coming and going and keeps a rock-solid topline on the move

She was Best of Opposite at the BCSA National in 2002 and won Awards of Merit at the
BCSA's 2003 National Specialty and the specialty which followed the next day.
After producing an awesome litter for us in 2004, Devon returned to the ring for more group placements and
an AOM at KTBCC's 2005 specialty. Later that year, Devon won Best of Breed at the Border Collie Society of America's
2005 specialty show and finished 2005 as the #1 border collie bitch in the USA (breed points) and also the top producing
border collie bitch in the USA.

Devon won all of this owner-handled.

Devon's puppies have surpassed our wildest dreams. From her only two litters,
12 puppies are conformation champions with more gaining their points.
15 pups have performance titles in obedience, agility, rally and herding, including 3 Agility Champions.

For her kids' accomplishments, Devon earned BCSA's Register of Merit Excellence.

In 2008, at 8 years of age, Devon made an appearance at the 2008 Border Collie National Specialty Show and
won an Award of Merit, Best Opposite in Veterans Sweeps and first place in the Brood Bitch class.

But that's not all.

won Best In Specialty Show at the 2009 Border Collie Specialty at nine years of age.
At the BC National the previous day, she again won first place in the Brood Bitch class.


An amazing combination of beauty and brains, Devon has won blue rosettes in
Conformation, Agility and Obedience and also earned her PT in July 2006.
She is a talented sheepdog who taught me a lot about herding and work ethic.

Video below of Devon earning her PT herding title at Raspberry Ridge Sheep Farm in July 2006


Click here to see Devon's 5 generation pedigree

Devon is shown below on her way to a Group 1, December 2006.

More show photos below.


A Group One for Devon on January 12th, 2004! The judge is Pat Hastings who previously
awarded Devon Best of Opposite at the 2002 BCSA National Specialty.

Devon is pictured above winning a Judge's Award of
Merit at the Border Collie Society of America's
2003 National Specialty. She recieved another Award
of Merit the following day at the BCSA's supported entry.

Some of her show pictures are below

Best of Breed and Group 3 at Windham Co. KC in May 2005 under judge Patricia Hess

Best of Breed and Group 3 at Kennel Club Of Philadelphia in November 2003 under judge Keke Kahn

Another Group 3 at Lehigh Valley KC in Dec 2003 under judge Linda Robey

Devon flew through her novice agility classes with super fast times,
winning four first placements and two second placements.
She also has a leg toward her OAJ.


Below is a video of Devon running a course for charity at nine years of age.


Here's Devon winning a puppy Group 1 in Syracuse at 7 months of age.
She was also Best of Breed on this day.

What Devon likes best...

She is 9 months in the picture below. See the black and white chest?
That's why she's called Devon - Half devil, half heaven.

Devon at seven weeks the day she came home

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